What are your advantages during invisalign treatment?

Being invisible: Because the plates are transparent, nobody from outside will understand that you are being treated during your orthodontic treatment. Thus, while your teeth gradually straighten, you just have to enjoy it.

Freedom in eating: You can eat whatever you want during Invisalign Treatment. Since there is no wire, bracket, etc., you can enjoy the freedom of eating.

Minimal irritation to teeth and gums: You will not experience any negativity during the treatment process, as the plates are prepared in accordance with your teeth and gums. Since there is no sharp, protruding surface that touches your lips and cheeks, you will have a new smile with a comfortable treatment.

Less control appointments and chair time: Control appointments are fast in Invisalign Treatment. Since plate changes and plate controls are made in general controls, there is no process that requires long processing. Routine control frequency is also less frequent than traditional braces, your treatment ends with fewer control appointments.

Is There Any Pain During Invisalign Treatment?

When the invisalign plates are first inserted, some pressure may be felt by the patients. This is a normal process because in order for the tooth movement to take place, the appropriate force must be applied and the tooth must move in this force direction. This feeling of pressure passes on the same day.

How Long Is The Daily Usage Period of Invisalign Plates?

The daily usage time of invisalign plates should not be less than 20 hours. Otherwise, sufficient tooth movement may not occur. There may be disruptions in treatment. The recommended usage time is 20-22 hours, which means eating and requires continuous use other than brushing teeth. However, at important moments such as a special meeting or invitation, plaques can be issued for a while.

Is smoking allowed with invisalign plaques?

Yes, smoking is allowed with invisalign plaques, but smoking causes some yellowing of the plaques. Since the plates are renewed in 10-15 days, there is no significant color change.

What Should Be Done If Plaques Are Lost in Invisalign Treatment?

In case of loss of invisalign plaques, you should consult your doctor immediately. Your new plate will be given by your doctor as soon as possible so that the treatment is not interrupted.

Are Invisalign Plates Obvious?

Invisalign plaques are often barely noticeable. Since it is invisible, it has been a good alternative for the patient who postpones orthodontic treatment with many aesthetic concerns.

Do Teeth Return After Invisalign?

After the invisalign treatment, a thin wire is placed on the posterior surfaces of the anterior teeth to prevent the teeth from returning to their previous positions, and the position of the teeth is fixed with transparent plates suitable for the final shape of the teeth.