If you want to have a beautiful smile with transparent plaque treatment, you should first be examined by an orthodontist who deals with this treatment. You should make sure that the physician who will do your orthodontic treatment is an orthodontist. Not every dentist is an orthodontist, and orthodontic treatments are those that require expertise.

Your orthodontist will evaluate your teeth and current bite disorder in detail and tell you the possibility of being treated with transparent plaques. Most orthodontic problems can now be treated with transparent plates.

A special treatment plan will be created for you in the light of measurements, photographs and x-ray films taken from you. This issue is very important and the final state of your teeth will be determined according to this planning. Diagnosis and planning must be done by a specialist. By transferring the size of your teeth to the computer environment, you will be shown three-dimensional treatment planning and the movement of your teeth in this planning direction.

You will have the chance to see how much which tooth has moved from the starting position to the end position. In simulation, the teeth move slowly and take the final shape of your teeth. On this screen, you can see how many plates you need to use, how long your treatment will take and how your smile will be. This journey you will take to have a beautiful smile will be the best investment you will make for yourself. In social life, it is never too late for your teeth to be treated, which can cover your smile and even reduce your self-confidence. You just have to make up your mind and take steps to start this journey.